Boo-Nanas in Blankets

October 7, 2020

A super fast and easy last minute treat when spending Halloween at home. Note you can use so many things to create the eyes and mouth. We suggest  black icing, Ice Magic or baking drops as they stick easily, however, by all  means be creative - just keep in mind options like sultanas can be tricky to make them stay-put. For extra scary and hairy Boo-Nanas you can also carefully dip the banana tips in orange juice and then roll the tips in shredded or desiccated coconut before adding the faces.

If using short bananas (like Lady Finger) you may only get 1 boo-nana, the bigger bananas you can get 2 boos per banana!

Makes 8 (if using large bananas)



4 fresh bananas

4 slices fresh white bread

1 tbsp plant based Nuttelex

1 Pkt Queen Designer Icing, OR Cottees Ice Magic OR Sweet William Dairy Free Choc Baking Drops


1Take one banana at a time and cut in half so one banana becomes 2 banana pieces. Next peel to remove the skins and any pith.

2Take your black icing or ice magic and practice making scary faces on a piece of kitchen paper by dabbing on a small amount for eyes and a mouth - less is best as too much icing or ice magic will run down the banana. When satisfied you have mastered your Boo-Nana faces take one piece of banana and create eyes and a mouth then repeat on each banana. If using Ice Magic, once faces are done pop the bananas in the freezer for a 40 seconds if the chocolate is not setting. If using baking choc drops insert the chocolate's pointy-end first into the banana. Then stand each Boo-Nana in the middle of a plate or flat serving platter/ board.

3Next, to make the blankets, take each piece of bread and cut each piece on a diagonal, so you are left with 2 triangles (remove crusts if you wish but it does make the blanket super small!). Then butter each triangle with Nuttelex and arrange your triangle blankets as a circle around your Boo-Nanas.

4To eat collect a bread blanket triangle to scoop up your Boo-Nana and gobble them up!