Nuttelex Zero 375 g

A tasty new option that's totally palm oil free

Nuttelex Zero is the newest addition to our range and its also Kosher certified! 100% palm oil free (including emulsifiers) 5 cents from every tub sold is donated to buy back forest habitat in Borneo for rescued and rehabilitated Orangutans like Jaw, featured on our pack.

Meet Jaw

On 19th December 2007, female orangutan Jaw was rescued together with three of her friends, Yok-Yek, Toui (pronounced Tauwie) and Joy, by Dr Biruté Mary Galdikas, founder of Orangutan Foundation International (OFI), from a horrendous life being forced to work in the Bangkok “tourist entertainment” industry.  Learn about Jaw’s amazing story below.


Ask your local supermarket to please stock the ONLY  allergy friendly, GM free, palm oil free, & vegan table spread that helps buy back forest for the longterm protection of Borneo’s orangutan.



A big part of  the OFI Care Centre and Quarantine Facility’s work is to care for orphaned and confiscated ex-captive orangutans needing medical and other care as well as forest experience in preparation for their release into the wild.

To allow for fluctuations in availability our labels reflect the minimum percentages of local ingredients. For more info drop us a line  here 

Our Customers Love Nuttelex Zero

Is there nothing Nuttelex cant do? So happy I found you and now the new the Coconut Spread - how awesome.


I just discovered your new coconut spread - it is delicious. It also makes me happy to know I am supporting a company with morals. Good on you all.


Thank you this is the ONLY spread we ever use. Love the Love Nuttelex.


Nuttelex Zero Replaces Nuttelex Made with Coconut Oil

November 2023 Nuttelex Zero will replace Nuttelex Made with Coconut Oil. Our best tasting palm-free option yet, we bet you will love the taste !!!

All About JAW – The Organgutan

On 19th December 2007, female orangutan Jaw was rescued together with three of her friends, Yok-Yek, Toui (pronounced Tauwie) and Joy, by Dr Biruté Mary Galdikas, founder of Orangutan

Foundation International (OFI), from a horrendous life being forced to work in the Bangkok “tourist entertainment” industry in an orangutan boxing show.

In these shows, male orangutans are forced to fight each other in boxing matches as a tourist attraction for paying customers. After the show, the orangutans are returned to their dark and dingy cages.

Jaw, Yoy-Yek, Toui and Joy were “round card girls”. They were forced to parade around on their hind legs between rounds holding above their heads cards displaying  round numbers. They wore tiny bikinis and full-face makeup, ironically making them look somewhat like Kabuki geishas.  They were also forced to “smile.” The irony is that an orangutan smile can consist of a “fear” grin or a “play face.” The two expressions are very similar. Which expression the “bikini girls” displayed is not known, but we can guess.

The orangutans used in these boxing matches are often stolen as infants by poachers who work the illegal exotic pet trade. Exploited in the worst possible way for commercial gain, the young apes are groomed  to perform on-cue as they grow -up using the cruelest of methods including intimidation, starvation and even drugging.

At the time of their rescue, Jaw and Yok-Yek were 7 years old, Toui was 6 while Joy was 5. After a long period of bureaucratic wrangling to allow Dr Biruté to bring the girls home to Borneo from Thailand, they arrived at the Orangutan Foundation International’s Care Centre in Central Indonesian Borneo. The Care Centre is a half-way house for rescued ex-captive orangutans, providing them with food, shelter, and love along with the opportunity to learn the skills they need on their journey to the wild.

When they arrived at the OFI Care Centre, Jaw and the girls were so traumatised from their previous life that they would walk around their shared enclosure on their hind legs with their arms in the air (as if still holding round cards) for fear of being punished. It took some time before they realised that they were now in a kind place and could relax, walk on all fours, and start to learn to be orangutans again.

Above: Jaw, Ricky a male orangutan who shares the haha with the girls, Yok-Yek and Toui

Jaw, Yoy-Yek, Toui,  and Joy, affectionately known at OFI as the “Bangkok Beauties”, now live in one of OFI’s hahas with rescued adult male orangutan Ricky, who is also a victim of the illegal wildlife trade. A haha is an artificial island consisting of tropical rainforest surrounded by a wide dry moat and a wall. This allows the “girls” to have the very best quality of life while they await permanent release. Here in their small haha forest sanctuary they live in relative freedom, able to spend their time each day as they please, practicing the skills they need, such as building night nests and foraging for fruit, leaves and bark in the forest canopy, to succeed living in the wild.

We look forward to the day we can announce that Jaw and her friends have been permanently released back to the wild where they belong. To release rehabilitated orangutans back to their rainforest home, OFI continues to purchase safe and protected forest land as part of The Orangutan Legacy Forest Project. Five cents from every purchase of a tub of Nuttelex Zero Palm Oil Free sold is donated to OFI to help with the purchase and protection of essential rainforest habitat for the long-term conservation of orangutans.

Celebrating 52 Years!

November 2023 marks the start of a very special Orangutan Awareness Month as OFI officially celebrates 52 years since, Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas arrived in Borneo in November, 1971, to start her pioneering work with orangutans. She has been working “in the field” ever since, dedicating her life to the conservation of orangutans and their rainforest home. Dr. Biruté has saved the lives of thousands of orangutans and has helped ensure that wild orangutan populations and their tropical rainforests will thrive into the future. Visit to find out more about her incredible story as she shares memorable moments from her 52 years in the field.




Good for you, good for orangutans

Completely cholesterol free and virtually trans-fat free, Nuttelex with Coconut Oil is made with the very best quality, non-GM canola & coconut oils making it a great alternative to other spreads. With 50% less salt than regular butter, like every Nuttelex product we make this spread is also totally free from common allergens such as lactose, eggs, gluten, and nuts, as well as any type of animal ingredient.

We donate 5 cents from every pack sold to Orangutan Foundation International Australia (OFIA) to help preserve & protect Borneo’s orangutans. Specifically, Nuttelex with Coconut Oil sales will support OFIA’s Orangutan Care Centre (see YouTube clip below) & their Forest Legacy Project to buy essential forest habitat for the long-term conservation of orangutans.

About Orangutan Foundation International (OFIA) Australia

OFIA’s  mission is to support and continue the orangutan and forest conservation efforts initiated by Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas in Kalimantan, Borneo. Dr Galdikas, who is Patron and a Board Member of OFIA, is an internationally renowned environmentalist, anthropologist and orangutan expert. For over four decades Dr. Galdikas has studied and worked closely with orangutans of Indonesian Borneo in their natural habitat, and is today the world’s foremost authority on the orangutan. Supported by incredibly caring and dedicated staff (as pictured above) and league of volunteers the ultimate aim is  to secure a tangible future for Borneo’s orangutan population.


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The OFIA Orangutan Care Centre Kalimantan

OFI currently care for 340+ orangutans at their Care Centre. These orangutans have been orphaned due to the destruction of their habitat for palm oil plantations, illegal logging, & mining. Orangutans, once rescued, need medical, parental, and emotional care before they can be successfully released into the wild. All newly arrived orangutans initially undergo a 30 day quarantine during which veterinarians give the rescued orangutans an extensive health check.


In the wild, orangutan infants share an intense bond with their mothers and do not leave them until they are, at least, 8 or 9 years of age. The centre aims to replicate this intense bond to some extent, with the relationships orangutan infants develop with their caregivers who act as surrogate mothers, caring for infants until they become large juveniles. Without the food, shelter, care, love and skills the OFI Care Centre provides, these beautiful, gentle apes would not survive let alone have a chance to be released back into the wild.



The Legacy Forest – Supported by Nuttelex

For the orangutans eventual successful release back into the wild, land needs to be secured to ensure they have a safe place to live. Through the Orangutan Legacy Forest project, OFIA aims to purchase, protect and replant forest habitat in Borneo that is vital to the orangutan’s survival. This land would be protected from poachers, palm oil plantations, illegal loggers and miners, creating a large interconnected orangutan ‘sanctuary’ ideal for the release of rehabilitated orangutans from the Care Centre.

 The Orangutan Legacy Forest is part of a larger OFI plan to purchase and protect a network of parcels of primary and secondary lowland forest located between the one-million-acre+ Tanjung Puting National Park, the 188,000-acre Lamandau Reserve, and the 1,000-acre Pasir Panjang Village Forest, home to OFI’s Camp Rendell ‘soft-release’ facility. OFI envisions a province-wide system of continuous, biologically intact nature reserves, parks, corridors and protected areas, which together will help provide essential habitat to ensure the long-term conservation of the endangered orangutan in the region. With so little protected forest remaining, and many national parks off limits to ex-captive animals, this initiative offers a real and tangible future for animals ready to return to the wild.

Behind the Scenes in Borneo

Nuttelex sent a small crew to Borneo to shoot our Nuttelex with Coconut Oil TVC . This was a unique journey indeed as seen in the footage below.

A big thanks to: Dr Birute Mary Galdikas OFI

Kobe Steele OFIA

The Sanford Partnership Creative Director: Matt Burgess Writers: Darren Winter and Matt Burgess Art Director: Matt Burgess Production House: Hub Productions Producer: Simon Hoy DOP: Barry Malseed Music: Christopher Elves Editor: Marco Damiano





Nuttelex Zero Recipes

Coconut Quinoa with Roast Vege & Currants

Guaranteed to become a family favourite this roast veg salad is a fantastic way to introduce kids to super-grains like quinoa. Makes a really satisfying side dish for poached fish or grilled chicken or, a super healthy, light lunch or dinner for two.

Crispy Tempeh with Honey, Lime & Ginger Dressing

A delicious meal that can be re-invented endless ways by subbing the slaw for a salad leaf mix and mixing it up with different sauces, marinades or dressings such as ginger and sesame, chilli mayo or a honey miso glaze. Below is a favourite and great go-to dish when cooking for friends who don't eat meat or dairy. Note if cooking Vegan, sub the honey for maple syrup.  Serves 2

Best Vanilla Buttercream (dairy free)

This icing is a cinch to make and tastes delicious. You can tone back the vanilla flavour if you want a slightly more neutral taste  by simply opting for an unflavoured plant based milk and reducing the vanilla extract to half a teaspoon.


Classic Lamingtons

This is the Women's Weekly classic recipe. Here Nuttelex replaces the butter content, though you'd never know.

What’s Inside

Where to Find Nuttelex Zero

Selected Stores North Island



Selected Stores North Island





Vegetable oils, water,  salt, emulsifiers [non-palm] 471 sunflower lecithin, natural flavour, vitamin D2, E, natural colour (beta carotene).

Nutrition Table

Serving size is 5g. 37.5 servings per package.

Per Serving Per 100g
ENERGY 240 kj 2400kj
PROTEIN 0.0g 0.0g
FAT (total) 6.0g 60.0g
Saturated 1.7 g 16.7 g
Trans# (max) 0.01 g 0.1 g
Polyunsaturated 1.4 g 14.4 g
Monounsaturated 2.9 g 28.8 g
CARBOHYDRATE 0.0 g 0.0 g
Sugars 0.0 g 0.0 g
Lactose NIL NIL
Galactose NIL NIL
SODIUM ** 34mg 340 mg
POTASSIUM (max) 10 mg 10 mg
VITAMIN D (10% RDI)^ 1.0 µg 10 µg
VITAMIN E (15% RDI)^ 1.5 µg 30 µg
VITAMIN E (30% RDI)^ 3.0 mg 30 mg
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