Nuttelex Lower Cholesterol

We bet you'll buy it for the taste alone

Good for your heart and great on your toast too, this deliciously buttery blend has 70% less saturated fat than butter, though you'd never know it. A must for those watching their cholesterol, it contains natural plant sterols that research has shown can actively lower your body's cholesterol absorption. Dairy free, cholesterol free and salt reduced like all our Nuttelex spreads, our customers tell us this is the best tasting plant sterol spread on the market. See for yourself.

For best results enjoy 25g daily as part of a well balanced diet low in saturated fat combined with regular exercise

Other foods believed to be good for lowering your Cholesterol

matcha green tea

avocadoes + walnuts

whole barley + oats

tomatoes + watermelon

cannola + olive oils

Use Nuttelex Lower Cholesterol  to make all your family favourites without compromising on taste.

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  Lowers Cholesterol by 10% in 3 weeks  


This tasty spread is enriched with natural plant Sterols (derived from veg oil) that help to lower cholesterol absorption not only from food — they also prevent the re–absorption of cholesterol within the body.

To allow for fluctuations in availability our labels reflect the minimum percentages of local ingredients. For more info drop us a line  here 

Lower Cholesterol while enjoying your toast 

With 75% less saturated fat than butter 

What’s Inside?


Our Customers Love Nuttelex Lower Cholesterol !

I have been a margarine user for 40 years and have recently switched to Nuttelex Lower Cholesterol as a result of the advertisements on Golden Days Radio.  I love the product. It did what it promised (I can tell you these days they all don't). Well done and lovely to know you are a family business. It shows.

Elsie Vic

I have used  your Lower Cholesterol (previously called Pulse) for many years as is about the only sterol anti-cholesterol marg on the market that actually tastes great with everything and it works, has helped me lower my cholesterol significantly.  Keep up the good work and thank you. 

Peter NSW

"We've been using Nuttelex since the 30s - and we're still alive! Check it out!"

John D, WA

Tasty Dishes to Make with Nuttelex Lower Cholesterol

Smoked Trout and Dill Quick Breads

Make these in a mini muffin size pan and serve with Nuttelex as an appetiser. You can also make them larger and serve draped with smoked trout and a dollop of Greek yoghurt or sour cream as a delicious first course. Makes approx. 12 mini breads.

Autumn Harvest Beef Stew

Bring some old style stew back on the menu with this hearty favourite. Plate up with a serve of well seasoned boiled potatoes, parsnip mash, creamy polenta, or a simple salad of sliced tomatoes and herbs.

Boiled Fruit and Nut Cake

A  McNally family fave (founder's of Nuttelex), this cake is probably what your Grandma use to make at Christmas. It's too good to eat only once a year, however, and we suggest you bake it for your next picnic or hike in the country, and serve with a hot thermos of strong tea.


Warm Beef Salad

This tasty warm beef salad is incredibly flavoursome. Use the freshest vegetables you can find and make the marinade/dressing well in advance so your beef can marinate at least a day prior to cooking.

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Water, vegetable oils, water, 8% plant sterols,  salt, emulsifiers (471, sunflower lecithin), natural flavour, vitamins A, D, E, natural colour (beta carotene).

Nutrition Table

Serving size is 10g. 37.5 servings per package.

Per Serving Per 100g
ENERGY 180 kJ 1800 kJ
PROTEIN 0.0 g 0.0 g
Gluten NIL NIL
FAT, TOTAL * 5.0 g 50.0 g
Saturated 1.3 g 13.4 g
Trans# (max) 0.0 g 0.1 g
Polyunsaturated 1.4 g 14.2. g
Monounsaturated 2.2 g 22.3 g
PLANT STEROLS 0.8 g 8.0 g
CARBOHYDRATE 0.0 g 0.0 g
Sugars 0.0 g 0.0 g
Lactose NIL NIL
Glactose NIL NIL
SODIUM** 34 mg 340 mg
POTASSIUM (max) 1 mg 10 mg
VITAMIN A (15% RDI)^ 110 µg 1100 µg
VITAMIN D (10% RDI)^ 1.0 µg 10 µg
VITAMIN E (30% RDI)^ 3.0 mg 30 mg
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  • Nuttelex Lower Cholesterol

    We bet you'll buy it for the taste alone
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