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Recommended by doctors and dietitians for decades,  it’s easy to add a little Nuttelex goodness into your day.

Less everything – except taste

Zip, Zero, Absolutely No Cholesterol


No Cholesterol

No Nuttelex spread has ever contained any animal fat or cholesterol whatsoever. And for those trying to lower their Cholesterol, take a peek at  Nuttelex PULSE, it can actually help you reduce it by up to 10% in just three weeks (when 25g is enjoyed daily as part of a well balanced diet with exercise).


Lactose + Dairy FREE

Lactose + Dairy FREE

Don’t get us wrong, we love dairy cows, we just don’t put milk or its derivatives in our spreads. You can be rest assured there is no lactose or dairy in Nuttelex including our wonderfully “Buttery” spreads.


No Artificial Additives Or Preservatives

No Artificial Additives

We go to seriously extraordinary lengths at Nuttelex to ensure our table spreads are as natural as possible. So it makes sense (to us anyway)  not to mess them up with artificial additives. However, as Nuttelex is also free from artificial preservatives, and is also salt reduced,  our products MUST be kept in the fridge – always. Stored between  0ºC to 4ºC.



Gluten Free + Coeliac Friendly

Gluten Free + Coeliac Friendly

Nuttelex contains no wheat, no rye, no barley or malt. So it’s perfect for anyone who is on a coeliac diet and those of us who like to err on the side of “minimalist” when it comes to gluten intake.


Virtually Trans Fat Free


Virtually Trans Fat Free

Ok, so what does ‘virtually’ mean? Well it’s simple, Nuttelex spreads have such a teensy- insee amount of trans fats (less .04% per 100 grams at most) that compared to most alternatives (like butter which is 3.3 % per 100 grams) you are doing just fine with Nuttelex.


Totally Vegan & Vegetarian


Totally Vegan & Vegetarian

Nuttelex spreads are completely free from all animal ingredients. That includes every single ingredient we use right down to the vitamins A, D + E which are all plant derived.


Diligently GM Free

Diligently GM Free

No more to be said really. It’s that simple.


No Nuts – Truly!


No Nuts – Truly

Nuttelex does not contain nuts. We know our name suggests otherwise, but like most things with a rather long and illustrious pedigree, history can be stranger than fiction and it’s always hard to ditch connections to the past. So we have kept the name Nut-tel-ex although there’s been no nut oils in our products since 1969!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nuttelex is actually neither a margarine or a butter, it is in-fact a uniquely natural, table spread made from the finest blend of plant oils without the use of artificial additives or preservatives. Nuttelex is also free from many common ingredients found in butter, margarine & other table spreads such as gluten, crustacea, egg, fish, peanut oil,  added sulphites, lactose, milk, tree nut oil, corn oil, soy, saturated animal fats and sesame.

Yes, there should be a Nuttelex variety for you to try. Many people with a food allergy or intolerance have successfully included Nuttelex in their diet for many years. As a result we make every effort to keep the integrity of our product. We try hard to keep out possible allergens however it is important to always pay careful attention to your own personal circumstances and consult a health professional as required. Nuttelex is free from gluten, crustacea, egg, fish, peanut oil, added sulphites, lactose, milk, tree nut oil, soy, potato, corn oil and sesame.

Nuttelex is virtually free from trans fats at 0.4% or lower. Nuttelex also contains 65% or less saturated fat than butter. In addition, Nuttelex is made with vegetable oils. Vegetable oils contain higher content of the good fats (monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat) and are lower in saturated fat. As part of a healthy diet, CSIRO and Heart Foundation recommend the use of margarine / table spread over butter. Using Nuttelex Original in place of butter will reduce the saturated fat intake by 2.5kg* per year *Based on 20g of margarine versus 20g of butter per day.


All products in the Nuttelex range are cholesterol-free, they are made with naturally cholesterol free vegetable oils. Nuttelex Pulse would be the best option, as it contains plant sterols, which help lowers the cholesterol absorption by reducing the absorption from food and also preventing the body’s natural cholesterol from being re-absorbed. The sterols compete with the cholesterol in the small intestine and thus reduce the amount absorbed into the blood stream. The unabsorbed plants sterols and cholesterol will pass through the body. Research has shown that table spread containing plant sterols can help reduce your cholesterol by up to 10% in just three weeks. For best results enjoy 25g daily as part of a well balanced diet combined with regular exercise.




We make Nuttelex in our own purpose built facility in Knoxfield Melbourne. The main ingredient is vegetable oil and depending on the type of Nuttelex we are making on that day, we will mix up a number of types of oils to ensure our spreads deliver good spreadability, texture or firmness. These vegetable oils are then mixed with a brine solution we also make up ourselves consisting of water and salt. Then we add emulsifiers made from vegetable oil which ensure the water and oil component of our spreads don’t separate later in the tub. Finally  a very small amount of vitamins and flavour are added and the total mixture is then rapidly cooled and packed into the tubs. Then its off to our massive cool-room until we deliver them to your supermarket.

Nuttelex Pulse Buttery contains plant sterols which occur naturally in small amounts in plant foods we eat every day. They are found in nuts and seeds, vegetable oils, grains and vegetables. The plant sterols in Nuttelex Pulse are obtained from vegetable oils.

Nuttelex with Coconut Oil is the only Australian made palm oil free table spread available in supermarkets. In our other Nuttelex products we make up our own ‘”vegetable oil” blends using a number of oils mixed with a some certified sustainable palm fruit oil to make our products spreadable. Without the addition of this ingredient, our spread would remain a liquid as we do not use milk solids, soy solids, animal fats or artificial thickeners in our products.

Although we keep up to date with advances in food technology, as yet there are no other oils that we are aware of that can be substituted to make our natural seed oil spreads that will meet our special needs: virtually trans-fat free, GM free, vegan, and free from a wide variety of allergens including gluten, corn, soy, egg, wheat, nut oils and dairy. 

Nuttelex with Coconut Oil it is different to our regular Nuttelex products in taste, texture and ingredients. However, many of our loyal Nuttelex customers have asked us for a palm oil free product and we wanted to deliver it. Although it has meant years of R & D and essentially creating an entirely new type of product based on different processes and ingredients from our existing Nuttelex spreads. The result,  is the world’s first (to our knowledge), 100% palm-free (including emulsifiers) table spread, enriched with the goodness of coconut oil.



NO all all our tubs are BPA free.

Proudly Australia made and owned our priority at Nuttelex is to always source locally where we can as we believe in the importance  home-grown manufacturing. We also value the local know-how and work of the hundreds of  local suppliers who help us make the highest quality table spreads. Some ingredients we use such coconut oil however,  is imported because our small island nation does not have the capacity to produce every ingredient we need for Nuttelex’s specific needs i.e GM free, vegan & vegetarian, and free from common allergens. 


No, Nuttelex does not use any MSG

Yes, just ensure you thaw it in the fridge, as with all Nuttelex spreads, it is preservative free, so must always be refrigerated.

Yes, our tubs & lids are made from a super light-weight and recyclable PP (code 5). We also ship to store in 100% recycled corrugated boxes; use paper not foil as our lid insert and we don’t use any shrink wrap in pallet transport.


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