The Golden Rules: For a Perfect Toastie

Universally adored as the ultimate in comfort food, here’s what you need to know to make the perfect toastie. Whether savoury, sweet or something in-between is your go-to treat, these golden rules will guarantee your toastie making reputation will be eternally revered.


Regardless of your choice of tool (be it a jaffle iron, griddled press or Breville-style sandwich maker), it must radiate super hot heat to ensure a golden crispy exterior, warm oozing filling plus be able to press n’ seal the edges of your bread shut. Without these things, you’ve just got a regular grilled sandwich, that is little league compared to the might of the sealed in goodness of a piping hot crispy toastie.


If you don’t butter both sides, inside and out you ‘re missing out on one of life’s great pleasures, and also messing with your toasties potential for perfection.  Whether your chosen loaf is soft & grainy, a sturdy sour dough, cheap white sliced, quesadilla (tortilla pockets) or  frozen puff pastry, if buttered correctly, no one will be really fussed what you used as their taste buds are tantalised with the textural pleasure of pillowy soft matched with light n’crunchy. As a healthy alternative to butter, it’s worth trying Nuttelex Made With Coconut Oil- No Palm Oil, it gives a particularly lovely crispy taste and is cholesterol free and virtually trans fat free.


Not all cheese is equal when it comes to toasties and your choice of cheese can make or break a wining combination, especially when balancing sweet or acidic additions of things like pickles, mustard, chutney, chilli, mayo or jam.

For those living dairy free, the BIO Cheese Cheddar Slices and Daiya Mozzarella shreds, both work well in toasties. But for those seeking total perfection, get your hands on MISTER TOAST Cashew Cheeze Cashiso. This dairy free cheese delivers all the gooeyness which makes cheese toasties so craveable.

For dairy eaters,  spoil your self and the ones you love with all round faves such vintage cheddar (for a sharp flavour and extra ooze); Harvati (smooth and mild and melts really well), or go international with  Manchego (a buttery tasting sheeps cheese from Spain) or  Gouda (strong taste with hints of caramel & nuts, Dutch cows cheese) or the gourmet fave Gruyere (a hard, slightly salty but creamy tasting Swiss cows cheese).


When it comes to toastie perfection resist the temptation to use a brown bread, it never quite cuts it. So keep the brown bread for fresh sandwiches, under the grill or in the toaster, and leave it to the white or grainy stuff for the ulitmate #TemptingToasties.

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